How to spot a fake teacher

real teacher ESL dedication
Me, as a Real teacher, many hours preparing the best material for my kindergarten students.


In Asia, since the ’80s many different teachers, especially for second language teachers, moved. Not only that many unemployed workers believe to be a teacher is just a read a book.

Since that the statistics of the second language in this countries could it be lower and lower even though the salaries raise up for foreigners.

This is a fact it’s understandable when you look at the background of your future employee.

Here we will talk about how to spot these fake teachers.



– No university degree or fake degree

it’s well known in America because the college and universities are so expensive majority of Americans are not allowed to enter higher education.
because that it’s popular most of Americans fake degrees in Thailand and other countries to be a teacher in Asia.

Furthermore with the popularity of TESOL and TEFL certificates around the internet could be very easy to get one off the certificate without too much trouble.

TESOL and Tefl is good but really far from a university degree

A real teacher also has a course in Teaching techniques and Educational psychology.

If you do an interview, ask about what kind of methodology he/she used before, also simple questions about based on Educational Psychology, what should the student’s behaviour in class and why is possible to fix.


– Small chatting and gossip games


This is applicable for any kind of job however in the educational field this could be intense.

As my previous work and because I’m a truly Wizard of lies, I spot very quickly who is the liar in the group.

Like small chatting and not consistent about stories could be given to you idea who is the bad person.

Real teachers don’t have time to chatting or gossip conversations because we are all focused in to do the best class possible. So real teachers it’s also the person who works harder and the entire group.

Neither of less it’s usually a kind of person would like to your own money to give more variety of classes and teaching styles.

At this point, if you see someone it’s all the time talking and chatting on the corners with 100% sure he/she is not a teacher.

In all universities I had been to, good teachers are the most isolated ones. They love to talk about articles, curriculum and ideas, but the social conversation is considered frivolous and shallow.

Fake teachers are the opposite: they want to be the centre of attention and point problems usually irrelevant just for people not to realize they are fake.



– Sabotage and copy

Fake teachers are very good and copy the work of other teachers. Because they’re chatting the time fake teachers are well known as copycat other workers.

Fake teachers point fingers the other people are selfish because when the real teachers are starting to spot-up the fake teachers they shut down the conversation.

This can deliver many false accusations surrounding the real teachers.

But as a manager, you need to realize who deliver the most essential part of the entire time: the lesson

Check constantly how much work your teachers done. Ask if your teachers need to help and see the progress of the lesson.
So far check the lesson plans to find the copycat.


  – A native speaker is not a native teacher


The University of Tsukuba also published an article that said non-native speakers could be delivered a good or better lesson than native speakers.

The explanation is simple: when you know more than one language you are able to understand which part the person struggles more.

In all the countries I lived native teachers are not popular. They are scarce because you can have a better job in a home country if you have a degree.

Popular in foreigner culture says: foreigner [male] who move to Asia is a loser in his country.

Don’t be surprised if an NES can’t explain some grammar rules and just appeals to “I’m a native” to be right.

To know if is a fake teacher, do this test: ask the teacher how to explain some grammar rules for students at 5, 10, 18 and 30 years old




– Zero-knowledge about how to prepare for exams


Exams it’s so far the most complex piece in teaching methodology. Evaluate a kid or teenager you’re all the time struggle which level you will put these exams.

So far you have some rules you need to apply when you build an exam. A simple example is 50/30/20, where you have 50% of easy questions,30% medium and 20% hard.

A fake teacher never had this knowledge before so he will only say “I copy from the book some questions”


Side effects: Damage in your school

this is a simple example but the damage effect teacher could create is immense.

The image of your business could be permanent destroyed by the fake teacher who works there.
And this it’s not about Native or Non-native the teachers but so far about how this it’s a teacher or not.

The real teacher is natural marketing for your business and can attract 30% more students in less than 4 months.
However, fake teachers mitigated the entry of new students, and in long run, collapse the school

Education in Asia move billions of dollars every year so if you want to stay on the top doesn’t need too much to sport adjust random person without a degree

The trauma you can cause in a kid could be irreversible and then this kid becomes an adult in nevermore had the facility to learn another language.

To be a good teacher means to study hard every day, search and try more and more.

A good teacher also can do mistakes but is so far the most productive and dedicated professionals.

Fake teachers only waste time and money surrounding gossip games.

If you want to know more effectively or you want to be an investor in my technological project for AI for schools, send us a message



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