5 different challenges for online teaching

During the pandemic, one of the most difficult parts will change all the teaching for online teaching.
And that’s so far most of the teachers don’t have any abilities with the online tools we must have in our hands today.We also know one of the problems should be most of the online teachers are not real degree teachers they had a lot of experience but in the end, they don’t have any kind of structure for teaching online or offline.

As in my experience, I can point it all with five Big Challenge we have nowadays to teaching online.

Number 1 – Teaching styles

Even though the world’s change most of the teachers didn’t change the techniques since 1960 and our most recent revolutionary education techniques. Most of the teachers believe an exposition class it’s the best way to teach nowadays. Of course, we have a more recent methodology but more than 80% of all teachers don’t have any ability to draw in this path.

Number 2 – Student’s environment

yeah, this is one of the biggest problems nowadays on the student side. Most of the students has a house or a room with a lot of noise and distraction

Sometimes they study in the kitchen or in the hall and a big part of the family interrupt many times. Furthermore the number of distractions inside of the room it’s so big that they can barely pay attention to the screen.
Put this together with a massive boring class in the time only the teachers speed and show PowerPoint.

Since my University, I realized PowerPoint could be only for very short demonstrations but did not for the entire class because this is extremely annoying and boring for most of the students. One of the biggest problems nowadays it’s how to optimize and give to the class of really natural flow to teach an indifferent style it’s not only exhibition Style.

Number 3 –  Lack of comprehension

As long as we are Educators we know when a student doesn’t learn just like listen and see some material.
This is a kind of complex situation how our memory could be formed but so far our five senses could be playing a role in a huge way.

Together with the distractions are surrounding the student most of the problems could connect a normal environment for sleep or have a lazing time in the place to have a student time.

This could be very dangerous because instead of the kids will go to their room to have spare time and relaxing they will associate a room or a bed as a student processes and this could be developing insomnia and shoes and other psychological problem.

Number 4 – Easy Assessment

We know doesn’t matter how difficult is the discipline one of the most stressful parts of teaching is exams.
However, because the universities and colleges are not adapt to the online classes they also don’t know how can apply for online exams.

And this gave us a big issue because as soon as we get into online classes, the most important part is how we can get the student’s grade.

However again because of this change in the entire game universities are not prepared for the transition most universities didn’t care too much about the exams cheating and also evaluation of this is students.

Because students didn’t care too much about the online classes because they also know they don’t need to study for that.

Number 5 – Poor platforms

The other bigger issue we had it’s about the platforms.
Even though we have a zoom, Google’s meeting and other platforms the idea about platforms for teaching online is too rudimentary.

They simplify the Own Line teaching only for a whiteboard and Exposition class. We don’t have a really good platform for how we can like evaluate and the students in real-time. I felt most of the platforms were just build by teams without experience in teaching.

Hope any time soon the platforms can have many other features for teachers.

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