Brunna Tom

Global-minded Teacher

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We care about your future and all the opportunities you can have. For that, you need to reach the best grade in your exams and you need a teacher who understands your necessities.

For this mission, here is the teacher you need!

More than 10 years as a teacher, more than 15 countries.


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  • Bachelor degree in Physics
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science
  • Master degree in Astrophysics

Extra training

  • Paraconsistency and Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Information Theory
  • Security and Quantum Communication
  • Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Techniques
  • Atmel microcontrollers programming and application.
  • Intuitive Topology

English certifications

  • 160 hours TEFL
  • 40 hours TEYL
  • 120 hours TESOL
  • 60 hours IELTS Specialist


Developed Research

  • Aspects of quantum field theory in curved space-time and cosmology
  • Classic and Gravitational Aharonov-Bohm Effect, Special and General Relativity and Rotating Black Holes.
  • Development of sensor films obtained by the Sol-gel process.
  • Galaxy Angular Two-Point Correlation Function in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey by Python computational.